Thomas Maybank

Thomas Maybank (1869-1929)

Five illustrations from “The Treasure in the Wood” by Elsie Blomfield, 1920.  Condition: images mostly very clean.

£1000 for all five or £250 each

From British Books in Print, 1920, v. 5:


Each signed “Thomas Maybank” and inscribed on the reverse, each 25 x 20cm.  The author’s address is also on the reverse of each watercolor.

No.5 ‘It’s all my fault that the whole Greenwood is in trouble’ he went on.

Maybank 003Maybank 004


No.13 ‘Suddenly Florence felt something poking her in the back.’

Maybank 005

Maybank 006


No.15 ‘…only queer twisted trees — that looked like Goblins faces grew among the rocks.’Maybank 007Maybank 008


No.18 ‘I ain’t inspired to fight Dragons, and never will be,’ said the horse.Maybank 009Maybank 010


No.22 ‘This attack was so unexpected that the dragon forgot the knight.’Maybank 011Maybank 012