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To my Pupils

SCRIPTURE History being the most important subject that can engage your attention, as involving both temporal and eternal interests, I am induced affectionately to dedicate the annexed Lessons particularly to you. How earnestly I have endeavoured to impress upon your minds the momentous truths they contain, your own feelings will attest. How often I have urged you to read the Bible, not merely as a school exercise, to be read and forgotten, but as a book containing all that is necessary to form your hearts, to regulate your conduct, to secure your salvation, you will readily acknowl-edge.

If the annexed Lessons have the effect I wish; if they induce you seriously to investigate Scripture History, so that, when your judgments are matured, you may find you have been laying up a treasure of knowledge, which, though you continually draw upon, you never can exhaust; if they enable you to give a consistent and rational account of the grounds upon which you found your hopes of immortality, I shall feel richly rewarded for the time and labour bestowed upon them.

To fit us for usefulness here and for happiness hereafter, is the ultimate end of human and divine knowledge. That all your studies may conduce to this grand point, is the sincere wish of your affectionate friend,