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Chronology of Events for January 1756

January, 1756: “The King ordered thirty additional companies of marines to be forthwith raised.”

January, 1756: 50,000 seamen and marines, and 34,260 soldiers, voted for the war.

January, 1756: An estimate is presented in Parliament for the raising of ten new regiments.  Some of the officers are drawn from additional companies added to existing regiments in October.  The regiments will be numbered 52d to 61st.

January, 1756: A light troop is added to the Dragoon Guards and Dragoon regiments on the British establishment.

January 27, 1756: “Orders were received from the French court, by virtue of which all the English shipping in Dunkirk were stopped, and all their crews sent to prison, except the captains, who were forbid to walk about the town. At the same time all the innkeepers and other housekeepers were ordered, on pain of being fined fifty crowns, to deliver to the governor a list of names and qualities of all strangers who lodged in their houses.”