1755 Army List

[Facsimile title page of the original work]


L        I        S        T


General and Field OFFICERS, as they Rank in the Army.


LIST of the Officers in the several Regiments of

Horse, Dragoons, and Foot, &c.


BRITISH and IRISH Establishments:


Dates of their Commissions, as they Rank in each Corps.

A List of the Governors, Lieutenant-Governors, &c. of His Majesty’s Garrisons at Home and Abroad, with their allowances.

The OFFICERS of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, the

Marines, and the BRITISH and IRISH Half Pay.

To which are added,

The Quarters of the Army in IRELAND, in the year 1755.

Also, the SUCCESSION of COLONELS to all His Majesty’s Land Forces, from their rise to the present Time; with the General View of the Names and Rank of the several Corps in His Majesty’s Army, with their Number (Officers included) and where they now are; and a Table of the FULL PAY and SUBSISTANCE of His Majesty’s Forces on the British and Irish Establishments, &c.

The Whole to August 1755.



Printed by Richard James, in Dame-Street, 1755.

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