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Squadron sent to reinforce Vice Admiral Boscawen’s Fleet in North America, May 1755

Sailed 8 May 1755 under the command of Rear Admiral of the Blue Francis Holbourne.

Ship Rate Guns Capt. Name Capt. Surname Notes
Arundell 6 20 William Lloyd
Augusta 4 60 William Saltern Willet
Chichester 3 70 John Brett
Edinburgh 3 70 Thomas Stanhope
Grafton 3 70 Charles Holmes
Terrible 3 74 William Holbourne Flagship of commander, Rear Admiral of the Blue Francis Holbourne
Yarmouth 3 64 Henry Norris

Ships of the British Fleet sent to North America in April 1755

A list of the ships in Vice Admiral of the Blue the Hon. Edward Boscawen’s fleet that sailed to North America in April 1755 in pursuit of the French fleet under the command of M. Bois de la Motte.  The French fleet had been sent due to the intelligence that British land forces under Major General Braddock had been sent earlier in the year.


Ship Rate Guns Capt. Name Capt. Surname Notes
Anson 4 60 Robert Mann
Defiance 4 60 Thomas Andrews
Dunkirk 4 60 Hon. Richard Howe
Fougueux 3 64 Richard Spry
Gibraltar 6 20 John Holwell
Hornet Sloop 14 Sampson Salt
Litchfield 4 50 Matthew Barton
Mars 3 64 John Amherst
Monarch 3 74 Abraham North Flagship of second in command, Rear Admiral of the Blue Savage Mostyn
Northumberland 3 70 Alexander, Lord Colvill
Somerset 3 70 Francis Geary
Torbay 3 74 Charles Coleby Flagship of commander, Vice Admiral of the Blue the Hon. Edward Boscawen
Vanguard 3 70 Hon. John Byron

Chronology of Events for May 1755

May 1, 1755: “The time for paying the bounties to seamen and landmen was prolonged to the 27th instant.” [LM, 5-55]

May 23, 1755: Two French ships are captured by Howe.

May, 1755: “The assembly of New York has passed an act for raising 45000l. by a tax on estates real and personal, for putting the said colony into a posture of defence, for furthering his majesty’s designs in North-America; also an act to restrain the sending provisions to Cape-Breton, or any French port or settlement on the continent of North-America, or islands nigh or adjacent thereto; to which the acts the governor has given his assent.  By an act passed the last sessions of assembly at Boston in New-England, the inhabitants of that province are forbid holding any correspondence with the people of Louisbourg, &c. for four months, commencing the 1st of March last; and the master of any vessel that shall be known to trade there, contrary to the interest of said act, is to have one of his ears cut off, be publickly whipped, and rendered incapable  of ever holding any place of honour or profit in that government; his vessel and cargo to be forfeited, and the owner or owners thereof to forfeit 500l. and also to be disabled from holding any place, &c. in that government.”