Regiments by Seniority

Cavalry Regiments, by Seniority Page(s) Establishment Colonel
1st Troop Horse Guards 11 British De La Warr Cavalry / Horse
2d Troop Horse Guards 12 British Cadogan Cavalry / Horse
1st Troop Horse Grenadier Guards 13 British Onslow Cavalry / Horse
2d Troop Horse Grenadier Guards 13 British Harrington Cavalry / Horse
Royal Regiment of Horse Guards 14 British Ligonier Cavalry / Horse
1st Regiment of Horse 99 Irish Brown Cavalry / Horse
2d Regiment of Horse 100 Irish Bligh Cavalry / Horse
3d Regiment of Horse 101 Irish Sackville Cavalry / Horse
4th Regiment of Horse 102 Irish Seymour-Conway Cavalry / Horse
1st (or the King’s) Regiment of Dragoon Guards 15 British Bland Cavalry / Dragoons
2d (or the Queen’s) Regiment of Dragoon Guards 16 British Herbert Cavalry / Dragoons
3d Regiment of Dragoon Guards 17 British Howard, Sir C. Cavalry / Dragoons
1st (or Royal ) Regiment of Dragoons 18 British Hawley Cavalry / Dragoons
2d (or Royal North British) Regiment of Dragoons 19 British Campbell Cavalry / Dragoons
3d (or the King’s Own) Regiment of Dragoons 20 British Albemarle Cavalry / Dragoons
4th Regiment of Dragoons 21 British Rich, Bt. Cavalry / Dragoons
5th Regiment of Dragoons 103 Irish Molesworth Cavalry / Dragoons
6th (or Inniskilling) Regiment of Dragoons 22 British Cholmondeley Cavalry / Dragoons
7th(or the Queen’s) Dragoons 23 British Cope Cavalry / Dragoons
8th Regiment of Dragoons 104 Irish Waldegrave Cavalry / Dragoons
9th Regiment of Dragoons 105 Irish Reade Cavalry / Dragoons
10th Regiment of Dragoons 24 British Mordaunt Cavalry / Dragoons
11th Regiment of Dragoons 25 British Ancram Cavalry / Dragoons
12th Regiment of Dragoons 106 Irish Whitefoord, Bt. Cavalry / Dragoons
13th Regiment of Dragoons 107 Irish Mostyn Cavalry / Dragoons
14th Regiment of Dragoons 108 Irish Dejean Cavalry / Dragoons
Foot & Fuzileer Regiments, by Seniority
1st Regiment of Foot Guards 26-28 British Cumberland Foot
2d (Coldstream) Regiment of Foot Guards 29-30 British Tyrawley Foot
3d Regiment of Foot Guards 31-32 British Rothes Foot
1st Regiment of Foot / 1st Battalion 109 Irish St. Clair Foot
1st Regiment of Foot / 2d Battalion 110 Irish St. Clair Foot
2d Regiment of Foot 111 Irish Fowke Foot
3d (or the Buffs) Regiment of Foot 33 British Howard, G. Foot
4th (or the King’s Own) Regiment of Foot 34 British Rich Foot
5th Regiment of Foot 35 British Bentinck Foot
6th Regiment of Foot 36 British Guise Foot
7th (or Royal) Regiment of Fuzileers 37 British Bertie Fuzileer
8th Regiment of Foot 38 British Wolfe Foot
9th Regiment of Foot 39 British Yorke Foot
10th Regiment of Foot 112 Irish Pole Foot
11th Regiment of Foot 40 British Bocland Foot
12th Regiment of Foot 41 British Skelton Foot
13th Regiment of Foot 42 British Pulteney Foot
14th Regiment of Foot 43 British Braddock Foot
15th Regiment of Foot 44 British Jorden Foot
16th Regiment of Foot 113 Irish Handasyd Foot
17th Regiment of Foot 114 Irish Richbell Foot
18th (or Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot 45 British Folliott Foot
19th Regiment of Foot 46 British Beauclerk Foot
20th Regiment of Foot 47 British Honywood Foot
21st (or Royal North British) Regiment of Fuzileers 48 British Panmure Fuzileer
22d Regiment of Foot 115 Irish Offarell Foot
23d (or Royal) Regiment of Welch Fuzileers 49 British Huske Fuzileer
24th Regiment of Foot 50 British Cornwallis Foot
25th Regiment of Foot 51 British Home Foot
26th Regiment of Foot 52 British Anstruther Foot
27th (or Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot 116 Irish Blakeney Foot
28th Regiment of Foot 117 Irish Bragg Foot
29th Regiment of Foot 118 Irish Boscawen Foot
30th Regiment of Foot 53 British Loudon Foot
31st Regiment of Foot 54 British Holmes Foot
32d Regiment of Foot 55 British Leighton Foot
33d Regiment of Foot 56 British Hay Foot
34th Regiment of Foot 57 British Effingham Foot
35th Regiment of Foot 119 Irish Otway Foot
36th Regiment of Foot 58 British Manners Foot
37th Regiment of Foot 59 British Stuart Foot
38th Regiment of Foot 60 British Duroure Foot
39th Regiment of Foot 61 British Adlercron Foot
40th Regiment of Foot 62 British Hopson Foot
41st Regiment (or the Invalids) 63 British Parsons Invalids
42d (or Highland) Regiment of Foot 120 Irish Murray, Lord J. Foot
43d Regiment of Foot 121 Irish Kennedy Foot
44th Regiment of Foot 64 British Halkett, Bt. Foot
45th Regiment of Foot 65 British Warburton Foot
46th Regiment of Foot 122 Irish Murray, T. Foot
47th Regiment of Foot 66 British Lascelles Foot
48th Regiment of Foot 67 British Dunbar Foot
49th Regiment of Foot 68 British Walsh Foot
50th Regiment of Foot 69 British Shirley Foot
51st Regiment of Foot 70 British Pepperell, Bt. Foot
Royal Regiment of Artillery 97-98
Fifty Companies of Marines 80-82
Corps of Engineers 157

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