Ships of the British Fleet sent to North America in April 1755

A list of the ships in Vice Admiral of the Blue the Hon. Edward Boscawen’s fleet that sailed to North America in April 1755 in pursuit of the French fleet under the command of M. Bois de la Motte.  The French fleet had been sent due to the intelligence that British land forces under Major General Braddock had been sent earlier in the year.


Ship Rate Guns Capt. Name Capt. Surname Notes
Anson 4 60 Robert Mann
Defiance 4 60 Thomas Andrews
Dunkirk 4 60 Hon. Richard Howe
Fougueux 3 64 Richard Spry
Gibraltar 6 20 John Holwell
Hornet Sloop 14 Sampson Salt
Litchfield 4 50 Matthew Barton
Mars 3 64 John Amherst
Monarch 3 74 Abraham North Flagship of second in command, Rear Admiral of the Blue Savage Mostyn
Northumberland 3 70 Alexander, Lord Colvill
Somerset 3 70 Francis Geary
Torbay 3 74 Charles Coleby Flagship of commander, Vice Admiral of the Blue the Hon. Edward Boscawen
Vanguard 3 70 Hon. John Byron

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