British Illustration

“Poy” Percy Hutton Fearon, (1874-1948)

“Fat Stock / The Smallest Man May Own the Biggest Elephant” London Evening News, c. 1930

pen and ink on paper with blue pencil shading, 31 x 38 cm; signed lower right




“Kindness Week / “This is ‘Kindness Week’ in France during which ‘All Enmity must be banished’. What possibilities such an idea opens up!” London Evening News, dated verso, 21/5/32

pen and ink on paper with blue pencil shading, 33 x 30 cm; signed lower right




“Sartor Resartus / A philosopher tells us that ‘the psychological uplift to be desired from a new suit of smart clothes cannot be over-estimated.” London Evening News, dated front, 8/1/32.

pen and ink on paper with blue pencil shading, 36 x 28 cm; signed lower right




“Hints to Incendiaries /”When engaged in your pleasing occupation, look out that you do not let fire to your own coat-tails. (A sensational decree designed to smash the Communist menace was issued last night by the German Government.)” London Evening News, dated verson, 3/1/33.

pen and ink on paper with blue pencil shading, 38 x 29 cm; signed lower right




Leonard Raven-Hill (1867-1942)

“Scenes from ‘Diplomacy’ at the Garrick Theatre” Pick-Me-Up Magazine, April 1, 1893, p. 7.

pen and ink on card with blue shading pencil; 26 x 23 cm, signed lower left



[Woman attacking a musician]

pen and ink on card; 15 x 11 cm; signed lower right




Harry Furniss (1854-1925)

“Meeting of the Gods” / “Essence of Parliament extracted from the Diary of Toby, M.P.”, Punch Magazine, p. 91, February 23, 1889.

pen and ink on card; 32 x 23 cm; signed lower center

Exh. Ernest Brown and Phillips, the Leicester Galleries, “Mr. Punch’s Pageant, 1841-1908”, January-February, 1909, #364




“An Irishman on the Stage / Reality”

pen and ink on paper; 23 x 15 cm; signed lower right




Edward Tennyson Reed (1860-1933)

[Dominion Troops in Egypt = Disturbances] Probably drawn for the “Essence of Parliament” Column in Punch Magazine

pen and ink on paper; 21 x 21 cm; initialed lower right




“Some untaxed imports from Italy” Punch Magazine, November  18,1903, p. 360

two pencil drawings on card; 18 x 32 cm, 12 x 10 cm; initialed lower right




What about “Glass Houses” ? / Jovial Cabby (to his pal) “Hi say, Bill, did yev h’ever see sich guys as these ‘ere girls mikso of theirselves? Now ye’d never see a man go and make such a ridik’lous h’objick of ‘isself!!!! Punch Magazine, November 19, 1892

pen and ink on paper; 16 x 12 cm; initialed lower left





John Hassall (1868-1948)

“He somehow was attracted by the rather cockney voice”

pen and ink on paper; 23 x 14 cm, signed lower center




Starr Wood (1870-1944)

“He’s been like that ever since he swallowed his balloon!”

Ink and Wash on paper; 28 x 23 cm; initialed lower right; c. 1930




Richard Lunt Roberts (1894-1981)

[Carriage Scene]

pen and ink on paper; 23 x 30 cm; signed lower center; c. 1930




Fred Pegram (1870-1937)

[Parlour Scene]

pen and ink on board; 26 x 20 cm; signed lower right; c. 1900





Lewis Baumer (1870-1963)

“Well I never, Mummy!  Is that your new dress? How ever do you manage to think of new bits to show?” Punch Magazine, July 11, 1934.

pen and ink on paper laid on board; 23 x 30 cm (paper); signed lower left




David Louis Ghilchik (1892- 1972)

Maud: “As soon as your holiday’s over you’ll forget all about me, I know.”

Bert: “Don’t be silly, darling, haven’t I told you I’ve just completed a memory training course?”

pen and ink on paper; 27 x 38 cm; signed lower right; c. 1935




Claude Allin Shepperson (1867-1921)

Cleric: “Waiter, bring me a Crockford”

Waiter: “Sorry Sir, but we are not allowed to serve American drinks except in the Smoke Room.”

pen and ink on board; 20 x 25 cm; signed lower right; Punch Magazine, October 21, 1908, p. 293.