2D Week of September, 1754, from the London Magazine

September 1754


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2D Week of September, 1754, from the London Magazine

Sept. 12 Charles Flemming was tried at the Old-Bailey for robbing Mrs. Hughes, of Ealing, in her chariot. The chief evidence of the identity of his person was a black servant, who not having been baptized, the court refused to take his oath, and the prisoner was acquitted.

Saturday, 14.

The sessions ended at the Old Bailey, when the five following criminals received sentence of death, via;. James Young, for stealing upwards of 40I. in a dwelling house ; John Haines, for robbing a lady of eight guineas on Hounslow- heath; Robert Hoggard, an out-lawed smuggler ; Edward Brocket, for stealing two horses from Mr. Bell, a farmer, near Hatfield ; and ‘William Hambleton, for returning from transportation.

Marriages and Births

  1. Probert Morgan, of Horst, in Gloucestershire, Esq; to Miss Oliver, of Enfield.

12. Robert Baker, of Twickenham, Esq; to Mrs. Owen, of the fame place.

15 Robert Randoll, of Whitthall, Esq; to Miss Lane, of Charles-street, St. James’s Square.

  1. The lady of the Rt. Hon. — Bertie, Esq; of a daughter.

11. The lady of William Harvey, Esq; knight of the shire for Essex, of a son.

12. Lady Monson, of a daughter.

The lady of Matthew Ridley, Esq; member for Newcastle upon Tine, of a son.


10. Justinian Champneys, Esq; of Westenhanger, in Kent.

12. Thomas Green, Esq; at his seat at Crondall, in Hampshire, formerly a soap-boiler in Thames-street, who a few years ago paid the usual fine to be excused from serving the office of sheriff of this city.

14.S amuel Henry Eyre, Esq; merchant, in New Broad-street, brother of the late lord chief justice Eyre.

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