2D Week of October, 1754, from the London Magazine

October 1754


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Oct. 6 The court went into mourning for three weeks, for the death of the queen dowager of Portugal.

Oct. 7 Great damage was done to the shipping by a storm of wind, which arose about midnight, and the wind’s blowing hard for some days after.  A large ship, laden with iron and deals from Stockholm, ran aground at Orford-Ness, and was beat to pieces by the rage of the sea; but the crew were happily saved.

His majesty having been pleased to direct, that the following officers appointed to the regiments of foot to be raised in America, under the respective commands of col. William Shirley, and Sir William Pepperell, Bart. do repair forthwith to their posts.  Notice is given, that such of the above officers who are in Great Britain, do immediately repair to London, and embark on board the transports provided for their passage to North America.  And that such of those officers who are in Ireland, do immediately repair to Cork, and embark on board the transports provided for carrying Sir Peter Halkett’s and col. Dunbar’s regiments to America.

Oct. 10 A court of common-council was held at Guildhall, when the report of the bridge committee being taken into consideration, a motion was made, and carried, for referring it back to the said committee, to examine how far the construction of a new bridge over the Thames may affect the navigation of the river and the commerce of the city.

A fire broke out at Larling, in Norfolk, which entirely consumed two houses, and two women were unfortunately burnt to death in endeavouring to save their furniture.

Oct. 11 We had the melancholy account that two vessels from Leith were cast away in Yarmouth Road, and that the passengers to the number of 36 all perished; but the crews saved themselves in their long boats.

Marriages and Births

Oct. 9 Mr. Yerraway, jun. timber-merchant, in the parish of St. Alban, Woodstreet, to Miss Ennis, daughter of Mr. Ennis, deputy of Walbrook ward.

Mr. Charles Hoskins, only son of William Hoskins, of Barrow-Green, in Surrey, Esq. to Miss Carr, of the county of Durham.

Oct. 12 Nicholas Vivyan, of Cornwall, Esq. to Miss Chudleigh, a 12,000l. fortune.

William English, Esq. of New Bond Street, to Miss Atkins, of Barwood in Lincolnshire.


Oct. 5 Anthony Pollett, Esq. under treasurer of the chamber to the King, and deputy comptroller of the Mint, by a fall from his horse.

Rt. Hon. the lord Ranelagh, of the kingdom of Ireland, aged about 90.

Oct. 6 Sir Charles Moore, Bart. keeper of the records in Birmingham Tower, in the castle of Dublin.

Oct. 12 Sir Richard Hoare, Knt. and Alderman of the ward of Farringdon Without, who was lord mayor of London in 1746.

Rev. Dr. Hugh Wynne, chancellor of Bangor, prebendary of St. Paul’s and Sarum cathedrals, and chaplain in ordinary to his majesty.

Mr. Jacob Powell, of Stebbing, in Essex, remarkable for his uncommon size.  He approached the nearest bulk to the late famous Mr. Bright of the same county, and weighed as much within a trifle, his weight being near 40 stone, or 560 pounds.  His body was upwards of five yards or one rod in circumference, and the rest of his limbs in proportion, and had 16 men carry him to his grave.


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