5th Week of October, 1754, from the London Magazine

October 1754


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Monday October 28 The sessions ended at the Old-Bailey, when the fix following malefactors received sentence of death, viz. Charles Fleming, for robbing a gentleman of a gold watch near Harrow; William Cottum, for stealing a gelding; Thomas James, for picking a gentleman’s pocket of a handkerchief; John Massey, for housebreaking ; Lyonell Ricolus, for stealing a silver tankard; and Thomas Rols for robbing Mrs. Turton of five shillings near Newington-Green.

Marriages and Births

October 27, the lady of Peter Delme, Esq. of a daughter.


October 29, Pter Auriol, Esq., an eminent merchant of this city.

The Monthly Catalogue, for October 1754


  1. Enchiridion Syntaxeos Lilianae constrictius: Or, an Epitome of Lilly’s Syntax. By Mr. S. Chadwicke, pr. 1 Crowder and Woodgate.
  2. Salmon’s Universal Traveller, No. 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118. Pr. 6d each. Baldwin.
  3. Maitland’s History of London, No. 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42. Pr. 6d. each. Baldwin
  4. A Scheme to Prevent the Running of Wool by Mr. Bradshaw, pr. 1 Griffiths.
  5. A Tour thro’ Normandy in the Year 1752, pr. 1s 6 Woodyer.
  6. Oraison Funebre de Frederic Roi de Suede, pr. 6 Brotherton.
  7. An Appeal to the Publick; or, A Review of the Conduct of Dr. A—ton towards Dr. Pigot, pr. 1 Baldwin.
  8. The City Director, pr. 1 Cooper.
  9. A Candid Enquiry why the Natives of Ireland are so addicted to Gaming, pr. 6 Dowie.
  10. A Guide to English Pronunciation and Orthography. By S. Hammond, pr. 1 Field.
  11. The Speech of Lord Visc. Preston to the Antigallicans, pr. 6 Robinson
  12. Serious Considerations on the Affairs of the Northern Colonies. By A. Kennedy, Esq., pr. 6 Griffiths.
  13. A Review of Lord Bolingbroke’s Philosophy, pr. 2 Knaptons.
  14. The World. By Mr. Fitz-Adam. No. 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94.
  15. The Connoisseur. By Mr. Town. No. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38.

Physic and Science

  1. The Principles of Mechanicks; with 32 Copper-Plates. By W. Emerson. In one Vol. 8vo. pr. 7s 6 in boards. Innys.
  2. The Commentaries on the Aphorisms of Dr. H. Boerhave. By G. Van Swieten, M.D. Translated into English, Vol. 9, 10, 11, pr. 15 Knaptons.
  3. A New and Easy Guide to the Use of the Globes. By D. Fenning, pr. 2s 6 Hodges.
  4. The Theory of the Apsides in General and of the Apsides of the Moon’s Orbit in Particular. By D.C. Walmsley, B.A. pr. 1s 6 Owen.
  5. A Treatise on Gangrenes. By T. Kirkland, pr. 1s 6 Griffiths.

Poetry and Entertainment

  1. Memoirs of the Shakespear’s Head in Covent-Garden. In two Vols. 12mo. pr. 6 Noble.
  2. A Commercial Epistle, with Notes. By Mr. Lockman, pr. 6 G. Woodfall.
  3. Poems on Several Occasions, Never Before Printed, pr. 1 Crowder and Woodgate.
  4. The Persian Tales. A New Translation. By Edward Button, Gent. pr. 3 Owen.
  5. The Marriage Act, a Novel. In two Vols. pr. 6 Hodges.
  6. The Travels of Mr. Drake Morris, Merchant of London, Containing his Sufferings and Distresses in several Voyages at Sea, pr. 3 Baldwin.


  1. Twenty-two Sermons upon several Occasions. By Benjamin [Hadley], Lord Bishop of Winchester. In one Vol. 8vo. pr. 5 Knaptons.
  2. A Sermon occasioned by the Sudden Death of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Solin. By S. Blyth, pr. 6 Bourn.
  3. A Sermon on the Death of Mrs. Mary Robarts. By J. Stennett, D.D. pr. 6 Ward.
  4. A Sermon at the School-Feast at Bishop-Stortford, Aug. 15, 1754. By R. Bullock, A.M. pr. 6 Beecroft.
  5. A Sermon before the Governors of the Infirmary in Newcastle. By T. Dockwray, M.A. pr. 6 Bathurst.

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