3D Week of November, 1754, from the London Magazine

November 1754


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Monthly Chronologer

 Friday, 15. The Right Hon. the house of peers presented their address of thanks for his majesty’s speech.

The Upper House of Convocation met in the Chapter-house, and went in procession, with the advocates and proctors, to the west door of St. Paul’s, where they were met by the Lower House, and the gentlemen of the choir; and being come into the stalls, the Litany was read in Latin by the bishop of Chichesler, the junior bishop; after which the Rev. Dr. Plumptree, archdeacon of Ely, preached the Latin sermon. The Rev. Dr. Denne, archdeacon of Rochester, was chosen prolocutor for the Lower House of Convocation. His grace the archbishop of Canterbury was not present, but had appointed the bishops of Oxford, Ely, Salisbury, Bangor, Norwich, and St. David’s, commissaries to represent him.

Came on to be argued in the court of King’s-bench, a question which had been long depending there, concerning the right of John Gibbon, of Abbotsbury, (who was one of the witnesses for Mary Squires upon her trial for the pretended robbery of Elizabeth Canning) to his action against Mr. Miles, and others, for falsely imprisoning him upon suspicion of perjury; when the court gave judgment in favour of Mr. Gibbon.

Monday, 18. The Hon. house of commons presented their humble address to the king.

Was tried at the bar of the court of King’s-bench, the long expected indictment against Edward Spelman, of High-House, in Norfolk, Esq; for a forgery pretended to have been committed by him in the year 1741, of a paper writing or defeazance, bearing date so long ago as the year 1709, with intent to defraudHugh Naish, the prosecutor, of 37,000land upwards; when, after a trial of about four hours, the defendant, without calling one witness, was acquitted on the prosecutor’s own evidence.

Marriages and Births

Nov. 15. Lord chancellor of Ireland, to lady dowager Ross

  1. Right Hon. William Pitt, Esq; paymaster of the forces, to lady Rachel Grenville, sister lo the earl Temple.

Philip Howard, of Colby Castle, in Cumberland, Esq; to Miss Withum, of Cliffe, in Yorkshire.

Mr. Abraham Gooding, of Hide-street, St. Giles’s, to Miss Polly Barbott, of

Bath, a 12.000I. fortune.

  1. Dr. Stonehouse of Northampton, to Miss Ekins, of Chester, in Northamptonshire.

Oct. 5. The dutchess of Savoy delivered of a prince, who was baptized the same day, by the name of Amadeus Alexander Marius, and has the title of dukeof Montserrat.

Nov. 1. The lady of lord visc. Middleton, delivered of a son and heir.


Nov. 16 Rev. Dr. Bullock, prebendary of Westminster, rector of Stretham in Surrey, and vicar of Christ Church in Newgate Street.

Nov. 20 Hon. Charles Russell, Esq. col. of a regiment of foot, now at Minorca.

Nov. 22 Rev. Mr. Nicholson, vicar of Sawbridgeworth and Matching, and lecturer of St. Sepulchre’s.

Plays and Entertainments acted at both THEATRES.

Drury Lane

Oct. 31 Distress’d Mother, Queen Mab

Nov. 1 Macbeth, Ditto

Nov. 2 Macbeth, Devil to Pay

Nov. 4 Tamerlane, Queen Mab

Nov. 5 Drummer, Ditto

Nov. 6 Fair Penitent, Let Be

Nov. 7 Chances

Nov. 8 Ditto

Nov. 9 Drummer, Queen Mab

Nov. 11 Coriolanus

Nov. 12 Chances

Nov. 13 Coriolanus, Roman Triumph

Nov. 14 Chances

Nov. 15 Coriolanus, Roman Triumph

Nov. 16 Chances

Nov. 18 Coriolanus, Queen Mab

Nov. 19 Chances, by his Majesty’s command

Nov. 20 Coriolanus, Queen Mab

Nov. 21 Chances

Nov. 22 Much ado about Nothing, Chaplet

Nov. 23 Coriolanus, Fortunatus

Nov. 25 Distress’d Mother, Englishman in Paris

Nov. 26 Chances, Act. II, School of Anacreon

Nov. 27 Coriolanus, Fortunatus

Nov. 28 Chances, Act. II, School of Anacreon

Nov. 29 Coriolanus, Queen Mab


Covent Garden

Oct. 31 Provok’d Husband, Double Dis.

Nov. 1 Constant Couple, Virgin Unmask’d

Nov. 2 Hamlet, Lying Valet

Nov. 4 Tamerlane, School-Boy

Nov. 5 Committee, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 6 Relapse, Ditto

Nov. 7 Phaedra and Hippolitus

Nov. 8 Ditto, Virgin Unmask’d

Nov. 9 Provok’d Husband, King and the Miss

Nov. 11 Beggar’s Opera, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 12 Old Batchelor, Englishman in Paris

Nov. 13 Constant Couples, Lying Valet

Nov. 14 Richard III, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 15 Othello, Contrivances

Nov. 16 Macbeth

Nov. 18 L’Arcadia in Brenta, an Ita. Burletta

Nov. 19 Nonjuror

Nov. 20 Romeo & Juliet, Virgin Unmask’d

Nov. 21 Suspicious Husband, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 22 L’Arcadia in Brenta

Nov. 23 Venice Preserv’d, School-Boy

Nov. 25 Way of the World, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 26 Venice Preserv’d, Italian Bagpiper

Nov. 27 Cato, Miss in her Teens

Nov. 28 Double Dealer, Harlequin Skeleton

Nov. 29 Relapse, Ditto

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