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Harry W. McVickar (1860-1905) was one of the original artists for Life magazine, and before Charles Dana Gibson, his cartoons focused on social commentary.  He went on to co-found Vogue magazine in 1893 and became its first Art Director.

Important drawing from the first issue of Life magazine, January 4, 1883, p. 5.

“What Hinders.” pen and ink on paper; 11 x 8.5″; signed lower right; condition: Surface dirt, white-out around signature; tack mark

McVickar 001McVickar 002


An article about the artist:

Art His Diversion


Thomas Maybank (1869-1929)

Six watercolor on board illustrations for Treasure of the Woods by Elsie Blomfield, 1922. Each 10 x 8″.  Each signed and inscribed on the reverse; good condition (I have not found a copy of the book available.)

No.4 ‘…Do hurry and see what it is’, And he disappeared over the hill top’

Maybank 001Maybank 002

No.5 ‘…It’s all my fault that the whole Greenwood is in trouble’

Maybank 003Maybank 004

Florence Scovel Shinn (1871-1940)

Pen and ink thick paper, Sheet: 9 3/4 x 9″; backing: 12 x 11″, signed lower left; Condition: separated from backing; new skirt pasted over old; good condition

“To Arcady” by Beatrice Hanscom, The Century Magazine, Vol. LX, No. 4, August, 1900, p. 640.




Frederic R. Gruger (1871-1953)

Graphite on illustration board; Image: 9 x 14 3/4″; 13 3/4 x 20″; Condition: generally clean

“The Flying Fish” by Arthur Somers Roche

Colliers, August 10, 1918, p. 13; Chapter 11: “Find Mr. Farl”



Richard Amsel (1947-1985)

Pencil on artist board; 19 x 12″; signed lower right.

Condition: lightsoiling

[Fashion Drawing,] 1967


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