5th Week of July, 1754, from the London Magazine

July 1754


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According to advices from Naples, of July 2, they had an account from Sicily, that in June last mount Aetna made an eruption, in which it cast out such a quantity of ashes and flames, that the neighbouring country for 3 leagues round was entirely destroyed.  Several earthquakes had also happened in those parts, the shocks of which were so violent, that two villagers were swallowed up by them.

The following account was given of the cause of the disputes between the assembly of Jamaica and their governor.  It hath been the custom of that island, ever since it was taken by the admirals Penn and Venables, in Cromwell’s time, to make laws for themselves, with consent of the governor; which laws were binding and of force until they got the royal assent of the king of England; but, if the king dissented, then the laws were no longer in force; if his majesty did not dissent, they were to continue in full force and vigour till there might or should be a repeal. And the present dispute is now, whether they shall be put in execution without being first signed in England? If they are not, it will not be in the power of the governor, or the assembly, to raise men or money in that island without his majesty’s consent; which those islanders think a hardship, as they cannot, in case of an invasion or insurrection, immediately defend themselves, or prevent any commotions in that country without sending to England, and the island might be subdued or conquered before they could get their laws enacted in England.

An English vessel bound from Rotterdam for North-America, with upwards of 300 Palatine passengers on board, in her passage struck on the send called the Galloper, which beat off her rudder, and soon after she foundered. A Dutchmawho was in sight continued his course, and left the preserving of upwards of 80 souls, out of the above number, to Capt. Henderson, for the coast of Guinea, who took them on board, and landed them at Helvoetsluys, and then proceeded on hit voyage.

On Sunday, July 28, between 6 and 7 in the evening, was a most violent storm of hail and rain, attended with thunder, and lightning, at Walton in Suffolk. The hail-stones in general were as large as pigeon eggs, in various shapes, and jagged like broken pieces of ice. It did incredible damage, especially in the corn fields. Several had their glass windows broke in such manner that scarce a whole quarry remained, and the fruits in the gardens were entirely spoiled. The damage done by this storm was computed at near 500I. Where the hail fell so very thick was about a mile in length and half a mile in breadth. It seemed to have fallen down with a whirlwind, like a tornado, and nor to have spread itself far.

On Tuesday the 30th, at a court of aldermen at Guildhall, Allen Evans and John Torriano, Esqrs. lately elected sheriffs of London and Middlesex, appeared, when the latter gave bond to serve the said office, but the former pleaded his inability to serve it as being a Dissenter.

Marriages and Births

July 23. John St. Leger, Esq; in Ireland, to Miss Mary Butler, niece to lord Lanesborough, a 40,000l fortune.

30. Robert Roper, Esq; of the county of Durham, to the Hon. lady Henrietta Hay, sister to the lord visc. Dupplin.


July 15. Lord Lewis Cordon, brother to the late duke of Gordon, in France.

25. Hon. and Rev. Henry Dawnay, D. D. uncle to lord viscount Downe, rector of Piddle-Town in Dorsetshire, &c. and one of the prebendaries of Canterbury.

16. Heny Cary Hamilton, Esq; of the kingdom of Ireland.

27. Hon. Patrick Grant, of Elches, Esq. one of the senators of the college of justice in Scotland, and one of the lords commissioners of justiciary.

19. Lady Peachy, mother of Sir John Peachy, Bart.

30. Armaindus Ernestus, baron Dirmar, field marshal of the Imperial forces, colonel of a regiment of Cuirassiers, and sometime minister of the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel at the court of Great-Britain

Col. Driver, late of the fourth troop of horse-guards.

Rt. Hon. the earl of Westmeath, at Brussels.

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