1st Week of August, 1754, from the London Magazine

August 1754


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Saturday, Aug. 3.

A person was convicted before two of his majesty’s justices of the peace in Southwark for bringing half a pint of spirituous liquor (called Geneva) into the King’s Bench prison, contrary to the form of the statute in that case made and provided. The penalty, which is 20I. was mitigated to 10l.. and upon his refusing to pay the said fine immediately (as the statute directs) he was committed to the house of correction for six weeks.

A bill of indictment was found by the grand jury for the city of York, against William Arundel, for traitorously and seditiously taking down from off the top of Micklegate-bar, the heads of William Conolly and Benjamin Mason, two of the persons executed for being engaged in the last rebellion.—He was afterwards admitted to bail.

Monday, 5.

Mary Smith, for robbing Anne Gough, an infant about three years old, and James Cobley, for stealing some valuable manuscript books out of Mr. Lintot’s chambers in the Temple, were this day executed at Tyburn. Jones and Lewis, two women, who received sentence of death together with the two former, were ordered to be transported for life, Smith’s face was covered all the way to and at the place of execution.

Tuesday, 6.

Samuel Fludyer, Esq.; citizen and cloth-worker, and alderman of Cheap ward, was chosen one of the sheriffs of London and Middlesex for the year ensuing, in the room of Allen Evans, Esq; who refused to take upon him that office.

The parliament, which stood prorogued to 8th instant, was by his majesty in council ordered to.be further prorogued to October 22.

Marriages and Births

Aug.1. Rt. Hon. the earl of Essex, to Miss Charlotte Williams, daughter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, knight of the Bath.

Everard Buckworth, Esq; to Miss Frances Amcotts.

John Cockaine Sole, Esq; to Miss Lushington.

Rev. Mr. Charles Merrest, eldest son of the late James Merrest, Esq., clerk assistant of the house of lords, to Miss Wilkins, of Wisbech in the Isle of Ely.


Aug. 2. Lady Charlotte Murray, of a daughter in Scotland.

5. Lady viscountess Mountgarret, of a son.

Dauphiness; of France, of a prince.

The lady of the Hon. Mr. How, of a son and heir.


Aug. 5. Capt. Dansay, deputy-governor of Greenwich-hospital.

James Gibbs, Esq; well known for his great genius in architecture.

7. Dr. Pierce Dodd, many years one of the physicians of St. Bartholomew’s hospital.

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